Olivia Brine and Harold Denison – Full Statements

The statements of Olivia Brine and Harold Denison, courtesy of John Gannon.

Statements taken to determine the whereabouts of Gordon Parry on the night of the murder.

Harold English Denison 26/01/1931:

43, Knocklaid Road.

Harold English DENNISON, 29, Marlborough Road says:-

I have known R.G.Parry for two years. I called at 43 Knocklaid Road on Tuesday 20th inst. about 6p.m. My aunt Mrs.Brine lives there. When I called Mr.Parry was there. He remained till about 8.30p.m. when he left.

(Signed) H.E.Denison.

Olivia Alberta Brine 26/01/1931:

43, Knocklaid Road.

Olivia Alberta BRINE says:-

I am a married woman, my husband is away at sea. I have known R.G.Parry about two years. Just before last Christmas he commenced calling with my nephew William Denison, 29, Marlborough Road. At about 5p.m. to 5.30p.m. on Tuesday the 20th inst. Parry called at my house. He came in his car. He remained till about 8.30p.m. when he left. Whilst he was here a Miss Plant, Gloucester Road called. My nephew Harold Denison also called.

(Signed) O.A.Brine.

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