Allan Croxton Close (Milk Boy) – Full Statement

The statement of Allan (often spelled “Alan”) Close, whose sighting of Julia Wallace is critical in this case. Supplied by John Gannon.

Statements of other delivery boys/girls (etc) corroborating times and conversations with the boy, as well as generalities about that evening can be found here.

First Statement:

Allan Croxton CLOSE, 13 years, says:-

I am a schoolboy and live with my parents at 51, Sedley Street. My father is a dairyman – I deliver milk for him at our customers. Mrs.Wallace of 29, Wolverton Street, was one of our customers and I used to deliver her milk in the evening. I knew her well. Between 6.30 and 6.45p.m. on Tuesday the 20th January 1931 I took Mrs.Wallace’s milk. I was late starting my round that night and I hurried.

I knocked at the knocker of her front door [door closed presumably] and put the milk in a can on the doorstep. I went to No.31, which is next door and put their milk in a jug just inside the lobby. The front door was open and after putting the milk in the jug I pulled the door to. I went to No. 29. and the milk can had been taken in, the front door was open. In a minute or two Mrs. Wallace came to the door and gave me the empty can. She told me to hurry home out of the cold and I said “Good night” and went away.

As far as I could see there was no light in the parlour. There was a light in the kitchen. I did not see or hear anyone else in the house. I then went along Wolverton Street to Richmond Park and then to Redford Street and then went home. When I got to Redford Street I looked at my watch and it was then a quarter to seven. My watch is a minute or two fast.

I have since timed myself in company with the Police and find that it took me six and a half minutes to do my milk round from Holy Trinity Church to 29, Wolverton Street. I timed myself again on Tuesday the 19th inst. and found it took me 5 minutes.

(Signed) Allan C.Close.

Second Statement:

Evidence taken 20th. February 1931.


I am 14 years of age and live at 51 Sedley Street, Anfield, Liverpool. I live with my father who is a Dairyman at those premises. I take out milk in the evening between 5-30 and 6-30. Up to two weeks ago I delivered milk in Wolverton Street. I know the accused and his wife who lived at 29 Wolverton Street. I delivered milk there for about two years. Mrs Wallace took in the milk from me between 6 and 6-30 each day.

The last occasion was the 20th. January last at 6-30 p.m. I passed Holy Trinity Church, Breck Road, at 6-25 p.m. I noticed the Church Clock. I then went to the Dairy in Sedley Street and on to 29 Wolverton Street. I then gave the milk to Mrs. Wallace at the front door.

[In Margin: Mrs W “You’d better hurry up
you’ve got a bad cough
so have I.”

His round ___ to Elsie Wright
in Collect__ at dairy, ___
Lethchworth St Richmond Pk Wolverton St
Passed Elsie Letchworth St.
Wildman 20 to 7
21 __ _____ __]

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