Alan Croxton Close (Milk Boy) – Full Statement

The statement of Allan Close, whose sighting of Julia Wallace is critical in this case. Supplied by John Gannon.


  • Was late starting his round and hurried with his deliveries.
  • Left the milk in Mrs. Johnston’s lobby, as per her statement she went to collect it. The time by her would be around 18:30.
  • After closing the door on the Johnstons Allan returned to the doorstep of the Wallaces’ house, and a minute or two later Julia came to the door. Their conversation was brief. By another delivery boy, the door had been wide open when he saw Allan was standing there on the doorstep.
  • No apparent light in the parlour. Parlour not yet set up?
  • Light on in the kitchen.
  • Did not see or hear anyone else in the house. Possible Wallace had already left? Wallace did not claim to have known of the milk boy’s arrival.
  • Checked his watch on Redford Street (0.2 miles from Wolverton Street). His watch is a minute or two fast and read 18:45, meaning the real time was then 18:43 or 18:44. The walk to Redford Street from 29 Wolverton Street is 3 minutes by the route stated. It is not said if he made further deliveries.
  • According to Florence Johnston he had often been late recently. He could be expected to turn up any time between 18:00 and 19:00.
  • By most testimony of other delivery boys and such, it appears the door would have closed on him at about 18:38.

    In this case, with no wait time for the trams (unlikely) Wallace would have a maximum of 11 minutes to then take his wife into the parlour, attack her, possibly stamp out a fire (or at least drag Julia out of it), and leave his home free from blood. Wallace was examined on the murder night for blood on his persons and clothing.

    By his own claimed time of leaving the house of 18:45, that would be around 7 minutes.

    If the parlour was not already set up or the fireplace on, then time must be added for the fireplace to be turned on, the radiants to get hot enough to cause burning (perhaps a few minutes for this heating?), and perhaps by appearances of the lounger’s cushions for Julia to have set up the couch and lied down upon it.

    The mackintosh idea proposed by the prosecution is forensically ruled out, the drains were not used.
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