Milk Boy Timing Statements (Includes Elsie Wright, Metcalfe, Wildman, etc.)

Clock Winders:

Holy Trinity Church clock was accurate on the date of the murder.

Alan Close (Eyewitness):

After the police time tests had been carried out. According to Radio City interviews, the police were not pleased with Alan’s 18:45 claim and said something along the lines of “well if you aren’t sure, maybe it was 18:35.”

As per Elsie Wright, Wolverton Street is his last stop before Redford Street. He checked his watch at Redford Street (0.2 miles away, a 3 minute walk at an average walking speed) and noted the time was 18:45. His watch is 1 or 2 minutes fast so that would make it 18:43 or 18:44.

Elsie Wright (Alan’s Coworker):

Saw Alan Close after hearing the 18:30 church service bells chime and stop. Saw him “about 18:40” as he was on his way to Wolverton Street, which was the next street (crossing over Richmond Park).

Douglas “Dougie” Metcalfe:

David Jones:

Delivered the “Echo” newspaper to 29 Wolverton Street between 18:25 and 18:35.

Allison Wildman:

Police Files:

Munro Files:

Kenneth Campbell Caird (son of James Caird):

Harold Jones:

John and Florence Johnston:

John claims he got home at 18:45, he was not in when the milk was delivered.

Alan then went back to the doorstep of 29 Wolverton Street where the door was open and waited about 1 or 2 minutes before Julia returned and handed him the milk jugs, exchanging some brief words about how he ought to hurry on home out of the cold.

“The milk boy, Alan Close, called at my house that evening, but I cannot remember the exact time. He might come at any time between ten past six and seven, but recently he had been very late.”

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