Lily Lloyd and Josephine Lloyd – Full Statements

The statements of Gordon Parry’s girlfriend, Lily Lloyd, and her mother Josephine Lloyd. Courtesy of John Gannon.

Statements taken to ascertain the whereabouts of suspect Gordon Parry.

Josephine Ward Lloyd 26/01/1931:

7, Missouri Road.

Josephine Ward LLOYD, 7, Missouri Road, says:-

I am the wife of Reginald Lloyd and I have a daughter, Lillian Josephine Moss Lloyd, 20 yrs. My daughter is a music teacher. She is keeping company with R.G.Parry of 7, Woburn Hill.

On Monday the 19th of January 1931 Mr.Parry called at my house at about 7.15p.m. as near as I can remember. I can fix the time as about 7.15p.m. because my daughter has a pupil named Rita Price, of Clifton Road, who is due for a music lesson at 7p.m. or a bit earlier every Monday. Last Monday (19th inst.) she was a few minutes late and she had started her lesson when Parry arrived in his car. He stayed about 15 minutes and then left because he said he was going to make a call at Lark Lane. He came back in his car at about 9 to 9.15p.m. and stayed until about 11p.m. when he left.

On Tuesday the 20th January Mr.Parry called at about 9p.m. and remained here until about 11p.m. He came in his car which he left outside. On Monday and Tuesday nights of last week (19th and 20th) Parry was dressed in a black jacket and vest, and striped trousers and spats when he called. On Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday or Friday he was wearing a navy blue suit, I think it was Thursday and Friday because on Saturday he had his striped trousers on again. [Calls at the house every day?]

(Signed) Josephine W.Lloyd.

Josephine Ward Lloyd further states:-

When Parry called at about 9p.m. or a little after on Tuesday the 20th my daughter told him he was late [often arrives before 9?] and he said he had been to Mrs.Williamson’s, Lisburn Lane, and to Hignetts at Tuebrook about a battery for his wireless. He was wearing his dark overcoat that night. He has a check grey tweed overcoat. He also has a brownish plus fout suit and another brown tweed suit.

(Signed) Josephine W.Lloyd.

Lilian Josephine Moss Lloyd 26/01/1931:

7, Missouri Road.

Lillian josephine Moss LLOYD says:-

I am 20 years of age and reside with my parents at 7, Missouri Road. I am a music teacher. I am keeping company with R.E(sic).Parry, 7, Woburn Hill. On Monday the 19th inst. I had an appointment at my home with a pupil named Rita Price, 14a, Clifton Road, at 7p.m. I cannot remember properly but either Rita Price was late or I was late. It was not more than 10 minutes. I gave my pupil a full three quarters of an hour lesson and about 20 minutes before I finished Parry called. That would be about 7.35p.m. I did not see him and when I finished the lesson he had gone. I know he called because I heard his car and his knock at the door and I heard his voice at the door. I do not know who answered the door. He returned between 8.30 and 9p.m. and remained until about 11p.m. He told me he had been to, I think he said, Park Lane.

On Tiesday the 20th inst. Parry called between 8.30p.m. and 9p.m. but I think it was nearer 9 than 8.30p.m. He told me in answer to my question as to where he had been that he had been to a Mrs.Williamsons, 49, Lisburn Lane. I know Mrs.Williamson, she is a friend of mine. He told me that he had got an invitation for myself and him to Leslie Williamson’s 21st birthday party in April. I do not remember whether or not he told me he had received the invitations that night but I got the impression that he had. He remained until about 11p.m. and then went home. He came in his car. I think Parry wore his striped trousers on Monday night and his blue suit on Tiesday and Wednesday, and I think he has worn his striped trousers every day since, but I’m not sure about Friday and Saturday.

(Signed) Lilian J.M.Lloyd.

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  1. Michael Fitton says:

    Its interesting that around 9 pm on the murder evening in answer to Lillian Lloyd’s question “Where have you been?” Parry says he has been to see Mrs Williamson who invited Lilly and Gordon to the 21st birthday party. He doesn’t mention the three hours he spent that evening from 5.30 to 8.30 with Mrs Brine & Co. Why not? The Brine alibi accounts for most of his time that evening but he doesn’t want girlfriend Lilly to know about it! As Mr Metcalf has posited elsewhere on this forum, it raises questions about the nature of the relationship between Mrs Brine and Parry casting consequent doubt on any alibi she provided for him.

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