Joseph Crewe (Prudential Superintendent) – Statements

The full statement of Prudential superintendent Joseph Crewe. Courtesy of John Gannon.


  • Known Wallace for 12 years.
  • Claims Wallace had visited him often on business. Contradicts this on trial, claiming Wallace had only been there for the violin lessons. Seems uncertain or evasive about the amount of times Wallace has visited him.
  • Claims Wallace had visited once a week for a period of about 2 months around 18 months ago. The violin lessons began at the end of 1928 according to the diary report (Wednesday, November the 28th). The murder is in the January of 1931, so may be this period that is referenced as there is no mention of the violin lessons.
  • The tram along Allerton Road is the most convenient, and is on a different tram line than the one which runs up Menlove Avenue.
  • Has visited Wallace’s home often and knows his wife.
  • His visit to the cinema on the night of the murder is not mentioned here.
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