James Caird – Full Statement

The statement of James Caird, courtesy of John Gannon.


  • Known Wallace for 12 to 14 years.
  • Lives at the neighbouring Letchworth Street, just across from Wolverton Street.
  • Went with Beattie to Wallace’s table as the message was delivered.
  • Discussed the best route to Menlove Gardens with Wallace during their walk home after the tram.
  • Suggested a Queen’s Drive bus, but Wallace said he would get a tram to town [illegible] as he knew that way. No claim by Wallace of not knowing how to get to Menlove Avenue.
  • Has visited the house (29 Wolverton Street) when Wallace was absent.
  • Was reportedly home (one street over from Wolverton Street) at 19:45 for 30 minutes during the murder window, before leaving at 20:15. Timing improbable as a suspect.
  • 30 minute journey home on trams for a ~2 mile distance (19:15 to 19:45). Wait times and walking times not accounted for. But note all times are given as round figures to the nearest quarter hour.
  • No suspicious persons seen around the district of the house: So no peculiar sighting around the region of 19:45 or 20:15. No sighting of Wallace around these times or at any time during the day.
  • Wallace attended the club once a week, either on Thursday (when Parry had seen him there) or Monday, but usually Monday.
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