Anonymous Tip Off #1

One of many tip offs and confessions received by the police, the writing appears to be heavily disguised. Courtesy of John Gannon.

“The Liverpool Police
Dale St

The Liverpool Police
Dale St

The murderer of Mrs. Wallace can be found at Lyons (?) bakery. Name D. L. Davies. The writer pens this in the interest of justice. I must say that the criminal is a maniac and should not be hung but put away in one of His Majestys asylums. Get him and I am sure he will confess.

Ask him about the girl he violated when a boy which the writer witnessed. This I think should make him confess.

One who is positive that (Davies?) murdered Mrs. (Wallace?)

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2 Responses to Anonymous Tip Off #1

  1. Ven says:

    Last line would be “One who is positive that he murdered Mrs Wallace”

    • R M Qualtrough says:

      Yep seems right. Thanks. Interesting that the person who wrote this tip disguised his writing so heavily. I don’t think it’s just bad handwriting, it’s wavy in an unnatural way and all capitals, like it’s disguised on purpose so the identity of whoever wrote it couldn’t be determined.

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