Noteworthy Newspaper Clippings from the National Archives

Below are selected newspaper clippings included in the case files at the National Archives. There are so many of these that I included just a selection of ones I felt contained tidbits that possibly aren’t well known. If you think I should post all of them (which I did photograph), I can do so. Please leave a comment if you’d be interested… I think I could upload the whole bunch to Google Drive.

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4 Responses to Noteworthy Newspaper Clippings from the National Archives

  1. Nicola Bulmer says:

    I am obsessed with this case! Your website is fantastic and one it the best resources of information. .

    I would love to chat with you about it.

    Can I ask if you have all of the case details? I would love to be able to view them myself.

  2. GED says:

    Thanks for these further uploads RMQ. Truly the best resource on the case bar none. Yes i’d love to see them all please if it’s not too much trouble.
    Only got to 2 paragraphs of the first one up to now. Woolverton street and William’s name has been changed to Frank 🙂

  3. Michael Fitton says:

    A great posting RMQ. Much was familiar but as you say there’s always the odd tit bit. I was interested to read that Wallace after his appeal was “warmly congratulated by his colleagues at the Prudential Assurance Company” (News of the World 24 May 1931). In his diary Wallace complains of being snubbed by his Prudential colleagues and having to take his lunch alone in Cottles Cafe! And the “cheering crowds” which greeted Wallace on his return to Liverpool must not have included this regular clients who rejected him so that he was given an office job.

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