Full Text of the Trial of William Herbert Wallace (Unabridged)

Here is the trial in full, completely unabridged, with annotations exactly as I found them. This is far more complete than Wyndham-Brown’s transcription, which is edited and leaves out various statements.

Searchable PDF, transcribed by John Gannon:


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Testimony Contents:

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Day 1

Harry Hewitt Cooke (Police Photographer)
William Henry Harrison (Surveyor)
Leslie Heaton (Telephone Electrician)

Louisa Alfreds (Telephone Operator)
Lilian Martha Kelly (Telephone Operator)
Annie Robertson (Telephone Operator Supervisor)

Gladys Harley (Waitress of Cafe)
Samuel Beattie (Chess Club Captain)
James Caird (Chess Club Member)

James Edward Rothwell (Police)

Alan Croxton Close (Milk Boy)

John Patterson (Clock Winder)

Thomas Charles Phillips (Tram Conductor)
Arthur Thompson (Tram Conductor)

Katie Mather (Resident of 25 Menlove Gardens West)
Sidney Hubert Green (Menlove Gardens Witness)
John Edward Sargent (Menlove Gardens Witness – Police)
Lily Pinches (Menlove Gardens Witness – Newsagents)

Adolphus Fothergill (Police – Tested tram time)
William Prendergast (Police – Tested tram time)
James Reginald Hill (Police – Tested tram time)
William Brown Gilroy (Police – Tested tram time)
Walter Stanley Oliver (Police – Tested tram time)

Joseph Crewe (Prudential Superintendent)

Lily Hall (Witness)

Day 2

John Sharpe Johnston (Witness – Neighbour)
Florence Sarah Johnston (Witness – Neighbour)

Frederick Robert Williams (Police)

Jane Sarah Draper (Charwoman – Employed by Wallaces)

Alfred William Roberts (Police)

James Sarginson (Locksmith)

John Edward McFall (Forensics)
Hugh Pearce (Doctor)
William Henry Roberts (Police Analyst)

Hugh Moore (Police)

Day 3

Harry Bailey (Police)
Herbert Gold (Police)

William Henry Roberts (Police Analyst – Recalled)

William Herbert Wallace (Accused)

James Edward Dible (Pathologist)
Robert Coope (Physician)

Allison Wildman (Paper Boy)
Elsie Wright (Coworker of Milkboy Alan Close)
Douglas Metcalfe (Paper Boy)
Kenneth Caird (Friend of Milkboy Alan Close and Son of James Caird)
David Jones (Paper Boy – Delivered to Wallaces)

Louisa Harrison (Client of Wallace)
Amy Lawrence (Client of Wallace)
Margaret Martin (Client of Wallace)

Day 4

Closing Speeches, Verdict & Sentencing

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