William Henry Harrison (Surveyor) – Statements

13641 _._.
BANK 8720.


28th January, 1931.


Dear Sir,

29, Wolverton Street

In reply to your letter of the 20th instant, Mr. Harrison of my Department has this matter in hand and has already seen your Inspector on the matter.

Yours faithfully,
Albert D. Jenkins

(_._. Seen by _ – 29/1/31 _)

W. C. Glover Esq.,
Central Police Office,

William Henry HARRISON says:-

I am a Surveyor in the Land Steward and Surveyor’s Depr., Liverpool Corporation.

I have made a Survey of the Dwelling house No. 29, Wolverton Street and the immediate vicinity, from which I have prepared the plans, produced.

(Signed) Wm.H. Harrison.

Evidence taken 19th. February 1931.


I am a Surveyor of the Liverpool Corporation in the Department of the Land Steward and Surveyor.

I made a survey of the house 29 Wolverton Street, Liverpool, and of the neighbouring streets. I produce plan W.H.W.14 of that house. I produce Plan W.H.W.15 of the district surrounding WOlverton Street, and a Plan W.H.W.16 of the district surrounding Menlove Avenue.

I have taken certain measurements in the house 29 Wolverton Street. The shelf on the top left hand side of the fireplace in the kitchen is 7 feet 2 and a half inches from the floor.

The gas bracket in the bathroom is 6 feet and one half inches from the floor.

The height of the ceiling in the sitting room is 9 feet 4 and a half inches.

BY Mr. SCHOLEFIELD ALLEN, Counsel for accused.

The telephone box shown on the plan W.H.W.15 is 400 yards from the house 29 Wolverton Street. I do not know if there are other telephone boxes in the area covered by the plan W.H.W. 15.

Re-called on 2nd. March 1931. BY Mr. SCHOLEFIELD ALLEN, Counsel for accused :-

The distance from 29 Wolverton St. to St. Margaret’s Church tram stop at the corner of Belmont Rd. and Rocky Lane is 605 yards. The distance between that tram stop & the tram stop at Lodge Lane (Smithdown Lane corner) is 1.7 miles.

RE-EXAMINED :- There is a nearer tram stop to the house 29 Wolverton St. than the St. Margarets Church stop. It is in Belmont Rd. near the junction of Castlewood Rd. and Belmont Rd. This stop is 375 yards from the house and is on the same tram route.

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