Official Police and Munro File Photos

Courtesy of John Gannon.

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  1. Gracie K. says:

    I do have a question about the twelveth photo. This picture strikes me as a bit odd. In her morgue picture and a description, it shows and tells that one of her arms was underneath her and stretching out to the opposite side, while the other arm is stretched out normally. The twelveth photo does not appear to fit this description of the photo, nor the text description. My question is, is this a recreation of the scene? If not, has the body been possibly moved before the picture? Could this description of the body’s position possibly be incorrect, or could it be that it is only a recreation? I am working on this case with a friend of mine. Any answers will be appreciated. Please and thank you.

    – G.K

  2. Michael Fitton says:

    The photo shows Mrs Wallace’s right arm by her side and her left arm stretched out almost at a right angle to her body. The photo was taken after Wallace, Mrs Johnston, Inspector Moore, and Dr McFall the pathologist had each raised one of Julia’s arms to check for pulse and assess body temperature. It is probable the arm was not replaced exactly in its original position. I thing we can rule out a recreation of the scene or movement of the body itself.
    The macintosh was originally partly under the side of the body but was taken up for examination, again by Inspector Moore. It was replaced slightly away from the body which is not its original position.
    Mrs Johnston on seeing these photos did remark that the scene appeared to be “staged” but this was not referring to the position of the body but to certain items of furniture which seemed to be in a different position to what she remembered.

    Great to have you as a new contributor to this forum Gracie. I’m surely not alone in hoping to see the results of your work on this intriguing case.

  3. Michael Fitton says:

    It is hard to see how a planned distraction theft of the Pru’s cash by someone who Mrs Wallace admitted to the house could have succeeded. The cash is in the box at ~6 pm that Tuesday. Wallace returns home from his Menlove Gardens trip at 8.45. Julia mentions either on his return or the following morning that during his absence she had a surprise visit from Mr X (and companion?) who they both know otherwise they would not have been admitted to the house. Wallace goes to the box for cash prior to leaving for work that morning and finds it empty. Julia is beyond suspicion so it can only be the surprise visitor(s) who have taken it. How did they hope to get away with it ?

  4. Gracie K. says:

    You are certainly not alone. My good friend has brought this case to my attention and I have been researching ever since. It would definitely make sense that her arm would have been placed down differently. Though I believe it may be an unprofessional move if it did occur, as usually, people who arrive on the scene will try their hardest to leave the body and likely evidence in its original, untampered state. I will continue to look over the evidence and pay close attention to hard details. This case, like many of its time, were carelessly handled, most likely leading to an inconclusion. Thank you for your input!


  5. Ged says:

    Mike. In reply to your query above as to how would a visit from Mr X, let’s in fact say Mr Q for a robbery hope to get away with it. Well quite easily, they even got away with murder. Had the murder not happened, Q would still have got away with it – Unless Julia could identify him and therefore that is what resulted in the murder.

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