Postcards from Julia Wallace to the Johnstons

The “Mrs. Johnston” addressed would likely be Florence, since Julia’s other “intimate friend” Amy Johnston (neĆ© Towers) was not yet married to Robert Johnston until August 30th, 1930, and was at the time residing at 8 Letchworth Street across the road from Lily Hall. Norah Johnston was unmarried at this time also, as she was engaged to Francis George McElroy still by the night of the murder.

Phyllis Johnston may have already been at Townsend Avenue by this time.

July 23rd, 1926:

Mrs. Johnston
31 Wolverton St

Rose Villa
Cemaes Bay

This is a lovely place and we have such a nice place to stay.
But what a journey! 10 hours

Best wishes to all. J. Wallace

July 6th, 1928:

Mrs. Johnston
31 Wolverton St

Rose Villa. Cemaes Bay

Dear Mrs. J.

So sorry at last-minute I forgot to give you some money for Puss [Julia’s black cat]. But I will give it you when I return. The taxi was there really too soon. I do hope you keep well.
What a day it was. But now fine
Lots of good wishes. J. Wallace.

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