Anonymous Tip Off #2

Another tip submitted to the police. Courtesy of John Gannon.

“Dear The Detectives

In going into the Wallace Case I think that the murderer of Mrs Wallace was a woman who lived near by. A striking fact about the case is that the weapon has never been found because it has gone into some home near by. A murderer always has a dread of carrying a weapon he has done the deed with about with him on him so therefore they always leave it about or throw it away, where it is found.

This I think was taken to a nearby home. Another thing also. The murder was a clean murder. A woman always _ to go about a house in a clean way because of her house duties. To react (re-enact?) the crime I think that Mrs. Wallace has either been at variance with a woman more so I think that she has lent some woman nearby money and has threatened to tell the woman’s husband if she was not repaid that evening.

The woman has come to plead with her not to do so without any result so she has shoved her down and shut her mouth for ever. A desperate woman will do anything. Try your luck on these lines.


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4 Responses to Anonymous Tip Off #2

  1. Ven says:

    Hi WWH,
    great website!
    I think the first missing word is “striking”. Same “k”as in other words.
    Not sure about the 2nd gap
    The 3rd gap looks like “react” and perhaps they meant to say “recreate” or “re-enact”.
    The 4th is “variance”.
    And the 5th is “result”.
    It would be great to decipher the signature…could be a clue in itself…if it is a valid Tip Off!

    • R M Qualtrough says:

      Thanks, seems accurate, I see “variance” is old timey talk essentially for being in disagreement. I feel the 2nd gap says moves or means? Something like that would make sense with the context, but I’m not sure. I think it’s a valid tip off in that it appears it’s a theory by the person writing in. There are a few in the police/Munro files which I received from John Gannon regarding theories.

      There’s a blue postcard one that is basically indecipherable, and a letter from Parry begging the Pru for “another chance” by the looks of it (actually sent in 1931 by the way, after the trial and murder and all of that). I just can’t read them. There’s a few things I need to upload still when I get round to it.

      The statement of Gordon and the others is not among the documents I received although I’d very much like to see them – since Moore’s comments on the Johnston statements suggest penned amendments could have been made at a later date. I would also just generally like to see if there’s a lot of crossing out or changing things in any case.

  2. Mr. Beattie says:

    The signature simply says ‘Wellwisher’.

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