Radio City – Who Killed Julia Wallace? (1981 Documentary)

A 1981 radio documentary about the Julia Wallace cold case, hosted by author Roger Wilkes. Features interviews with relevant figures who were alive at the time of the murder.

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4 Responses to Radio City – Who Killed Julia Wallace? (1981 Documentary)

  1. Great documentary drama, I remember it when first broadcast all those years ago. Still perplexing even to this day. Would you by any chance, have the debate that followed the broadcast with Roger Wilkes & Jonathan Goodman?.

    • R M Qualtrough says:

      Sadly I do not have that section, it is the only thing which I do not have. I have been in contact with Roger Wilkes previously and he has the tapes of the show, but we did not get round to having copies of them made etc.

    • R M Qualtrough says:

      I am now in possession of this and will be uploading it shortly.

  2. Antony Matthews says:

    Hello again & thank you for replying. A shame about the debate broadcast, maybe Mr Wilkes will allow you access to it one day. I found it hard to believe Richard Gordon Parry was the murderer of Julia Wallace.He was a thief, but If he did it, why on earth would he take his car to be cleaned if there was blood in it, as that would implicate him, common sense to have cleaned his car himself. Very rare a thief becomes a vicious murderer.

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