A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley – The Wallace Case

In the third episode of Lucy Worsley’s “A Very British Murder”, the Wallace case received coverage.

The start of this segment is at 36:50 of the video below.

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2 Responses to A Very British Murder with Lucy Worsley – The Wallace Case

  1. Harry Mann says:

    I am a firm believer in Wallace as the murderer.
    Here is just one of the many objections I have in accepting that Parry or any other person were at the Wallace home that evening.It is based on what I expect,from living through the 1930’s,the actions people would take.
    Julia would not have taken anyone,friend or stranger,into an icy cold front room,when there was a cosy warm kitchen to be had.It would have been unthinkable.Additionally,there would have been no need to don a raincoat just to answer the front door,which would have taken just a minute or two,to either admit,or decline entry to someone.

  2. Puss The Cat says:

    What would have been unthinkable was for Julia to take a visitor into an untidy kitchen, warm or not. There is ample evidence to show visitors were always received into the parlour (Parry, Amy Wallace etc). Julia had a bad cold, it was a winter’s evening and she had no way of knowing how long she may have to stand on the doorstep. To throw a conveniently situated mackintosh over her shoulders would be a perfectly normal thing to do.

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