Lily Pinches (Menlove Witness) – Statement

Lily PINCHES will say:-

I am the manageress of the Newsagents and Tobacconists shop, 130 Allerton Road, and I reside at 56 Micawber Street. At about 8.30 p.m. [inaccurate, too late considering Johnstons’ 8.45 encounter] on Tuesday the 20th instant I was in the shop when a man about 50 years, tall, thin features, small moustache, turning grey, dressed in a grey trilby hat and dark overcoat, came into the shop. He asked for a directory for this district. He spoke to Nancy Collins, an assistant, when he said this, but I heard him. Miss Collins got the directory. I then went over to the cigarette counter where he was and he said to me:- “Do you know what I am looking for?” I said:- “no” and he said:- “I am looking for 25 Menlove Gardens East”. I told him that there was no East, and that there was only North, South and West. He said:- “I have been to No. 25 West.” I said:- “I am sorry” and he went out. He seemed quite cheerful.

(Signed) Lily Pinches.

Evidence taken 20th February 1931.


I am the Manageress of the News Agents shop 130, Allerton Road, Liverpool.

I live at 56 Micawber Street, Liverpool.

On the 20th January last I was in the shop in the evening. It was a good while after 8 o’clock when the accused came in. I heard him ask my assistant for a directory. He was supplied with one. He then said to me “Do you know what I am looking for?” I said “No”. He said “I am looking for No. 25, Menlove Gardens East”. i said “There is no East. There is a North, South and West”. I looked up my account book and said “There is no. 25 West(?) in the account book”. He said “I have been to 25 West. They are not the people I want”. He then said “Good night”.

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