Albert Wood (Prudential Employee) – Statement

Transcribed by Michael Banks:

Albert Wood of 25 Ellersley Road Tue Brook Liverpool Assistant Superintendent with the Prudential Insurance Co Ltd:-

I was an Agent with the Prudential until September 1929 & in that month I became Assistant Superintendent under Mr Crewe. I have seven agents under my supervision including Mr Wallace. I got to know Mr & Mrs Wallace shortly after 1929 & visited their house a good many times when I used to be in the front room.

In Winter the gas fire used to be lit & if I called when Mr Wallace was out Mrs Wallace used to get the matches, light the front room fire, and pull down the blinds. The last time I was there was about three weeks before the Murder and on that occasion I just handed an envelope in at the door to Mrs Wallace. I cannot remember when I was last actually in the front room; I know I was there a good deal when Mr Wallace was ill, I have no recollection whatever of any bar or piece of iron being in the hearth or under the gas fire, but I am not positive that there was no such bar. Mrs & Mrs Wallace always seemed to me to be a devoted couple.

When I last called at the house to give in the envelope Mrs Wallace told me how upset Mr Wallace had been when she had been very late (owing to an accident) coming from Southport.

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