Walter James Holme (Neighbour) – Statement

Possibly abridged, seemingly only surviving copy (taken from Goodman’s research files).

This statement is, notably, impossible and proveably false. Allison Wildman delivers Mr. Holme’s newspaper… Mr Holme claims that the door closed at 29 Wolverton Street five minutes before he received his paper… However, Wildman saw Allan Close waiting on the doorstep of #29 Wolverton Street with the front door open after he (Wildman) put the newspaper through the Holme’s letterbox and left.

Walter James Holme: 27 W[olverton] St.

Clerk employed by J. Bibby & Sons Ltd.

At about 6.35 pm last night I heard the front door of No. 29 W[olverton] St closing, and I could not say whether any person was entering or leaving the house. My wife also heard the noise. I know it would be about 6.35 pm because my evening paper is generally delivered about 6.40 pm and it was five minutes before the paper arrived that I heard the door closing. I did not hear any other noises during the remainder of the evening.

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