Qualtrough Call Dialogue

Determined from the statements and testimony of the telephone exchange operators, as well as Gladys Harley and Samuel Beattie of the City Cafe.


Trial testimony:









Voice reported as ordinary and “decidedly not gruff” by operators, “ordinary” yet “deep and fast” by Gladys, and “gruffish, strong, and sure of himself” by Beattie. Noteably the second operator and Gladys were both on the line when Qualtrough began speaking to Gladys, the second operator waiting on the line to ensure the dialogue began successfully. The operator did not note any shift in voice at this point.

Square brackets used where the actual dialogue has not been given.

Qualtrough Call Dialogue:

EVENT: [~19:15 telephone operator Louisa Alfreds receives a call from Anfield 1627.]

Alfreds: [Answers the phone.]

Qualtrough: [Requests Bank 3581.] (The City Café)

EVENT: [Louisa Alfreds patches the call through. On trial including the committal, makes mention of a voice having picked up at the cafe.]

EVENT: [Soon after (~2 minutes according to Louisa Alfreds) Qualtrough is back on to the operators, speaking to Alfreds’ colleague Lillian Martha Kelly. Claims to have received this call at ~19:15 as does Alfreds.]

Qualtrough: Operator, I have pressed button ‘A’ and haven’t had my correspondent yet.

Kelly: What number did you ask for please?

Qualtrough: Bank 3581.

EVENT: [Kelly speaks to her colleague Alfreds next to her, and as a result of this conversation requests the caller press button B to regain his two pennies.] Kelly dialogue: “Press button ‘B’ and regain your two pennies.”

[Qualtrough presses button B.]

Kelly: “Do you think there ought to be a reply from this number?”

Qualtrough: “Yes. It’s a restaurant, there ought to be plenty of people there.”

EVENT: [Kelly attempts to get the number again but gets no reply. She then informs the supervisor who comes and puts the number through successfully.]

EVENT: [Telephone exchange supervisor Annie Robertson makes a written note of the time as 19:20 by the clock.]

Operator: Bank 3581?

Gladys: Yes.

[ A brief delay ]

Gladys: Do you require this number?

Kelly: Yes, Anfield calling you; hold the line.

[ Operator asked caller to insert pennies. ]

– 1 or 2 minutes have elapsed since Gladys picked up the phone according to her statement, when the caller first starts talking to her… –

Qualtrough: Is that the City Cafe.

Gladys: Yes.

EVENT: [Operator Kelly hangs up.]

Qualtrough: Is Mr. Wallace there?

Gladys: [Unknown Response.]

Qualtrough: [Reference to a connection with the chess club.]

Gladys: I’ll bring the captain Mr. Beattie.

Qualtrough: All right.

EVENT: [Gladys Harley goes to fetch Samuel Beattie who is playing a game of chess.]

Gladys to Beattie: Is Mr. Wallace here? There is somebody on the telephone asking for Mr. Wallace. Will you go and take the message for him? I don’t know what he is talking about.

EVENT: [Samuel Beattie goes to the telephone.]

Qualtrough: Is Mr. Wallace there?

Beattie: No.

Qualtrough: Can you give me his address.

Beattie: I am afraid I can not.

Qualtrough: Will you be sure to see him as it is a matter of importance to Mr. Wallace.

Beattie: I can’t say, he may or may not, but if he is coming he will be here shortly. I suggest you ring up later.

Qualtrough: Oh no, I can’t, I have my girl’s 21st birthday on and I want to do something for her in the way of his business. I want to see him particularly. Will you ask him to call on me at my place tomorrow evening at 7.30?

Beattie: I will if I see him, however he may not be here tonight. However there is a friend of his, perhaps you know him, Mr. Caird, who is fairly certain to be here tonight and I will try to get the message delivered through him. But I can’t promise that Mr. Wallace will get the message; but you better give me your address again so that I can pass it on.

Qualtrough: [Gives the name R. M. Qualtrough and address 25 Menlove Gardens East, Mossley Hill.]

Beattie: [Wrote down the details onto an envelope and spelt the name back to him, and repeated the details of the address back to him, which “Qualtrough” confirmed.]


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