Letter to Goodman from an Individual Who Attended School with the Wallaces

10, Hertford Street,

March 25, 1964

Dear Sir,

Thanks for letter & News Cuttings returned.

Please note:

Mrs. Amy Wallace (nee Blackwell), died at ___, __, aug. 1960. I knew her personally as scholars together at the Nelson Street School, Dalton-in-Furness, about 1892. After her marriage she went to Malaya with her husband*, Joseph, who was a printer for the Malayan Govt.

At the time of the murder of her sister-in-law, Julia, she resided at 38, Ullet Road, Liverpool. Whilst her husband was in Malaya the murder took place in 29 Wolverton Street, Liverpool, in the evening of Tuesday, 20th January, 1931.

One or two items I have remembered about the Wallace family. I think Joseph Edwin, was the elder of the family, William Herbert & Jessie, the youngest. I & my schoolboy friends found the brothers not __(sociable?) & kept themselves to themselves. The parents, however, were looked upon with respect, especially Mrs Wallace. The Sister Jessie, was, in my opinion a very charming girl, & being a lot younger, was more our age.

As I said before Joseph Edwin was a printer with a Mr R. Blake, who had a business in market St., Dalton. William herbert served a period of 5 years in drapery.

(*When Amy Wallace returned to Liverpool from Malaya, I have no knowledge of whether her husband left Malaya. I know that he came home for the trial of his brother.)

As regards Mr. Wallace, their son is stated in the News Cuttings was in the Medical Service at Sarawak & as stated never lived in Dalton, but lived at __ House, Windermere. He visited Dalton the year previous to his death. I suggest that you contact Mr. W _ Roberts, at __ Bank House, Dalton, as to whether his parents came to reside in Dalton. I have made some enquiries, but no one can enlighten me.

The father of William Herbert Wallace was called Benamin, & worked at one time in Millom, Cumbria. When in Dalton, he was an agent for the Prudential Insurance Company, & resided in Victoria Street, Dalton.

I left Dalton in 1904 & had forgotten the family, until the trial for murder brought it to mind.

Hoping this has cleared up some misunderstanding & doubt.

Wishing you success in your quest.

I am
Yours Faithfully

__ Richards(?)

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