Important Sighting Near Wolverton Street ~20:35

Lily Hall reported seeing Wallace speaking to a stockily built man wearing a cap.

Below is a statement given to Hector Munro regarding a sighting of a man matching this description (but with a felt hat) at around the same place Lily saw him at around the same time on the night of the murder:

Henry Harrison Greenlees of 95 Richmond Park Liverpool will say:-

I am 38 years of age. On Tuesday 20 January last I was returning from a Choir practice at St Georges Church Everton, accompanied by a Mr Leak, my Choirmaster. He left me at Anfield Road. I walked down towards the end of Walton Breck Road, and looked at the Clock of Holy Trinity Church which is brightly illuminated. It was then 8.35 p.m.

I walked along Richmond Park and when opposite No 26 Richmond Park but on the other side I was accosted by a stockily built man in a felt hat who had crossed over from the bottom of Letchworth St. He asked me to direct him to No 54 Richmond Park. I told him that number did not exist.

I know both Mr Wallace and Miss Hall, and did not see either of them that night. It was 8.40 p.m when I stepped into my house.


The route the man followed to Richmond Park is the same as Lily Hall’s (coming from Walton Breck Road) and he checked the church clock which is brightly lit, determining the time to then be 20:35.

As the witness walked down Richmond Park, almost opposite the entry where Lily Hall claimed her sighting, a stockily built man in a felt cap approached him and asked him for directions to a non-existent address: 54 Richmond Park. Witness told the man that this address did not exist.

The man in the cap had come from the bottom of Letchworth Street.

Witness saw neither Lily Hall or Wallace at this time, and stepped into his home at 20:40.

It would therefore seem corroborated that a man of this description had been lurking around the crime scene at this time. His request for a non-existent address is peculiar.

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